Fisker Automotive’s founder and namesake, Henrik Fisker, has resigned from the company.

Fisker, a stylist, founded the company in 2007 to develop upscale gas-electric passenger cars.  Since its founding, however, Fisker Automotive has experienced multiple hurdles in funding, manufacturing, quality, and sales.  The firm currently offers only one vehicle, the Karma sedan, though at least two more were scheduled for R&D.  

But the Karma’s poor reviews, multiple recalls, technical problems, and minuscule sales have left the Fisker company in a bruised state.  The US Energy Dept. refused further lending because of the concern’s poor record; the company even lost its battery supplier, A123 Systems, for bankruptcy and eventual buyout.

As of 2013, Fisker Automotive has been seeking its own buyout.  After reportedly being rejected by North American and European corporations, Fisker found potential buyers in China.  A deal, however, has yet to materialize.

The rumored back-story to Henrik Fisker’s resignation has to do with the operation’s future: Fisker seems to want the company to remain a genuine manufacturer, but fellow managers are apparently just to secure any kind of capital—no matter the condition—to keep them afloat.  

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